French MCR Championship 2024

Maison des Italiens

Tournament dates 30 march - 1 april 2024
Location Maison des Italiens
Registration fees 90 €
Included snacking and lunches
Dead line 10 february 2024
Number of Players 80
Due to the success of our tournament we added 2 additional tables to go from 72 to 80 players.
Progress Each round will last 1h55; any round started before the gong is played to its end
Rules Mahjong Competition Rules :
- Mahjong Competition Rules - Green Book
- Mahjong Competition Rules - Regulations
Langue officielle English
ArbitreErwan DE KERGOMMEAUX    
Observateur EMAAnton KÖSTERS    
Please note A trophy will be awarded:
- to the first 3 players in the ranking
- to the best French player (offered by the FFMJ)

A prize will be offered to:
- to the first 3 players in the ranking
- each player of the best team

Special 10 years of the club:
- A prize will reward the winner of each of the 10 challenges (one for each of the first 10 sessions)

Contact us at
Maison des Italiens
82 Rue du Dauphiné, 69003 Lyon

We will play 11 rounds
30/03/2024 09h00   Accueil, Café
  10h00   Round 1
  11h55   Déjeuner
  13h00   Round 2
  15h15   Round 3
  17h30   Round 4
31/03/2024 08h00   Accueil, Café
  09h00   Round 5
  11h15   Round 6
  13h10   Déjeuner
  14h10   Round 7
  16h25   Round 8
01/04/2024 08h00   Accueil, Café
  09h00   Round 9
  11h15   Round 10
  13h10   Déjeuner
  14h10   Round 11
  16h30   Podium

Registrations are closed

Registrations were open as planned on Saturday January 6 at 12:00 p.m., as announced since the beginning of December.
At 12:30 p.m. the list was complete and we opened 2 more tables to go from 72 to 80 players. The waiting list already includes 7 people, we decide to close registrations today Tuesday January 9.

Registrations will only be definitively validated upon receipt of payment on the account below by transfer before  10 february 2024

IBAN : FR76 1027 8073 2700 0208 1960 143

At the time of the transfer, please specify your surname, first name and EMA number in the comments.

You can also pay online by Credit Card.
If you can no longer come to the tournament, please inform the organization as soon as possible.
Registration fees will not be refunded after 10 february 2024.

To see the list of players in registration order, click here